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    GEO Visiting and Exchange Student Course Preferences Form

    After you are accepted as a visiting or exchange student, we need to know which courses you would like to take while you are with us. Staff in the Global Education Office will complete your course registration for you. In order for us to complete your course registration, you must review the available courses, select those that interest you, and submit this form to us with your choices.

    Please download and review the International Visiting and Exchange Student Course Preferences Form Instructions before completing this form to learn how to select courses that you are prepared to take, and to make the best choices possible. When you are ready to begin, review the Course Master Schedule and enter your top ten course choices for the term you wish to study with us on the form below.

    Select Your Course Preferences

    Choose your course preferences by inserting the course abbreviation (e.g. ACC201A), full course title, and number of credits in order of your first preference to your tenth preference.

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